The Kinfinity Glove

The Kinfinity Glove - intuitive - for everyone - precise - cost efficient.

Made in Germany - Cutting-Edge Technology

The Kinfinity Glove is a new generation of multi-modal input device for use in virtual reality applications, robotics, gaming and more.

The Kinfinity Glove takes your virtual experience to another level of dexterity and accuracy. It gives you the power to touch, grasp and perform any movements you wish – accurately and without the need to learn new control methods.



  • Python Binding


  • Python Code/Driver for different Communication Interfaces


  • Software Support









  • Driver for Unity


  • HTC Vive Interface


  • Software Support


  • Microsoft Hololens Interface
Technical Specification -
Degree of Freedom >20
Size several standard size, possibility of customization
Data rate up to 1kHz
Supply USB or Battery
Communication Wifi, Bluetooth, Serial, USB
Special features Wrist motion capture
HTC Vive supported
Microsoft Hololens supported
Software Support for your project