Kinfinity at Helmholtz Horizon

13.06.2018 17:24

Kinfinity at MIT:FUTURA Berlin

Kinfinity shows the Kinfinity Glove to the CDU politician


18.04.2018 17:02


Kinfinity togehter with the German Aerospace Center at the Space Symposium 2018 in Colorado Springs



25.10.2017 16:32

Kinfinity - Space Tech Expo Bremen

Kinfintiy shows the possibilitys of our technology for space application to a world wide audience

12.09.2017 21:00

Kinfinity - Jahreshauptversammlung Textil+Mode

Kinfinity - is presenting his technology to all the people from the textile sector

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23.08.2017 21:01

Kinfinity - World Robot Conference 2017

Kinfinity shows the newest development of Kinfinity to the visitors of the World Robot Conference in Beijing

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Beijing TV

11.05.2017 19:57

Kinfinity - MGziehtAn

See the booth of Kinfinity at the University of Moenchengladbach


08.05.2017 19:55

Kinfinity - Techtextil

Visit Kinfinity at the Techtextil Space Pavillion and see the newest Development the Kinfinity Suit


01.05.2017 19:52

Kinfinity - Space Symposium

See Kinfinity at the Space Symposium 2017 in Colorado Springs


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